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Disco AG Blue L-533 + Powco FC S-032

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Disco AG Blue L-533 + Powco FC S-032 is the perfect combination for use on Cotton. Combining a blue film coat along with red coloured PPPs no longer needs to result in a dark colour. Adding the powder formulation gives a shiny light-blue surface. An added advantage of using the finishing powder is the decrease in drying time, resulting in a shorter application time and preventing issues with sticky seeds
Disco AG Blue L-533 and Powco FC S-032

Product details

Regional availability

  • Europe


  • Film coat formulations

Features and benefits

  • Attractive cosmetics, keeping the seed clearly visible during sowing.
  • Decreased drying time resulting in shorter application time.
  • Preventing issues with sticky seeds.


  • REACH compliant


  • Cotton
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