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Plantum Sustainability Award

The Plantum Sustainability Award was presented to Marion Smorenburg of Incotec by Marien Valstar of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality during Plantum's general membership meeting on Sept. 21. Incotec wins the prize for the project 'Speed up reforestation'. 

Marion Smorenburg accepts Plantum Sustainability Prize on behalf of Incotec

The official press release reads:

This year's 8th edition of the Plantum Sustainability Award has found a worthy winner in Incotec, a leading company in the field of seed enhancement. With their innovative project 'Speed Up Reforestation' they impressed the jury and won the 2023 Sustainability Award.

The 'Speed Up Reforestation' project is a collaboration between Incotec and Land Life and focuses on the global problem of deforestation and the threats facing forests. Globally, ambitious goals have been set for forest restoration and protection, and Incotec is uniquely contributing to this mission by focusing on accelerating reforestation. ​

How does that work? Technology and knowledge developed in the seed sector are now being applied for the coating of tree seeds. Through careful selection and treatment, germination is improved, the planting and growing season is extended and the success rate of reforestation projects is increased. As a result, larger areas of land can be sown and reforestation can take place even on degraded land.

The jury of the Plantum Sustainability Award 2023 praised "Speed Up Reforestation" as a concrete initiative that plays a crucial role in addressing a global issue. Applying technology and knowledge from the seed industry to the forestry sector is an excellent example of how the seed industry can contribute to sustainability. On behalf of the jury and the entire Plantum organization, we warmly congratulate Incotec on this well-deserved recognition.

Zittend van links naar rechts Barry Hoff, Erik Jan Bartels en Ronald Siffels van Incotec Staand: Arnout Asjes van Land Life

Incotec and Land Life join forces to accelerate global reforestation

23 March 2023 : Seed enhancement company Incotec and tech-driven reforestation company Land Life have signed an MoU to collaborate in a pioneering project integrating smart coating technologies on tree seeds.

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