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Reducing effluent water disposal

Becoming more sustainable is a key objective at Incotec. Putting these words into actions, there are several activities ongoing at our locations around the world making not just our products and technologies as sustainable as possible, but also our processes. One of these projects has recently been completed at Incotec South Africa.

90% effluent water evaporated

Stefano Martinuzzi, Area Sales Manager Sub-Sahara Africa: “During the production process of our film coating material, there is a volume of effluent water that is produced. With the installation of three Heliosec effluent water systems, our facility at Pietermaritzburg can now evaporate 90% of that effluent water and reduce our effluent water disposal as well as our chemical footprint.”

Incotec South Africa is the first of our facilities to use such a system to reduce effluent water. 

Incotec's location in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Incotec South Africa

Serving sub-Sahara Africa, our facility in Pietermaritzburg offers a wide range of film coats to meet the needs of your vegetable and field crops.

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