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Product validation centre

Product Validation Centre

Croda’s new Product Validation Centre, located in Holambra near Sao Paolo, Brazil, is a state-of-the-art centre dedicated to serving the agrichemical market by validating and substantiating the claims and results obtained in our formulation, microbiology and seed treatment laboratories.


An introduction to the Product Validation Centre

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Prep of plant growth medium

What do we do at the Product Validation Centre?

1. Prepare plant growth medium

We prepare the plant growth medium so that substrate components such as sand, earth and vermiculite, meet the objective of each project, to simulate conditions closer to the reality real-life applications. This attention to detail from the beginning of studies helps generate more realistic and robust experimental data.

2. Sow and grow plants of interest in our greenhouses

We sow the crop of interest indicated in the study and grow it in our greenhouse facility until the crops have reached their ideal growth stage for the spray application.
Spray chamber

3. Treat plants with agrochemical products

Within our spray chamber, we can apply a variety of agrochemical products the plants to evaluate product performance. The environment in the spray chamber is controlled and standardised for all test applications and experimental variables such as nozzle type, flow rate, speed and application pressure can all be varied.
Digital sensors

4. Evaluate the performance and effect of treatments

After application plants are returned to the greenhouses, where the effect of the products on the growth and development of the plants is evaluated including measurements on control efficacy, phytotoxicity, amongst other factors. The greenhouses have environmental sensors connected to software, allowing data to be collected in real time and capture experimental data for the duration of the study including solar radiation incident on the plants, humidity and temperature of the sun and air, and electrical conductivity of the soil.

We have here two separate greenhouses and independent sensors, which allows us to perform different tests at the same time without creating interference between them. The sensors are also used for activating air recirculation system, via padfan system, and opening and closing the shadow roof, in case the temperature is too high. With this, ideal conditions for plant growth can be guaranteed. Both greenhouses are also equipped with automated two-line spray bars, which allow irrigation, or even a test maintenance application to ensure the quality of the plants used in the study.
Inside greenhouses

What are the benefits of the Product Validation Centre?

The Product Validation Centre is managed by a dedicated team of specialists including agronomists, chemists and biologists from Croda’s Crop Care businesses (Crop Protection, Incotec and Plant Impact) enabling them to provide a high level of technical service,  generating realistic and robust experimental data. The combined knowledge of our three Crop Care businesses strengthens our position to deliver innovative, sustainable solution to the market. 
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