Splash & Grow Special SH Celery

A strong and versatile product. The priming delivers increased germination energy, resulting in more uniformity. Priming also widens the temperature range, allowing the seed to germinate at higher temperatures. The Splash & Grow pellet is a unique light-weight pellet because of its melting character, allowing most immediate availability of oxygen, moist and light.
Close up of seeds
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Product details

Regional availability

  • Oceania


  • Pelleting
  • Priming

Features and benefits

  • Increases speed of germination, resulting in both faster as well as more uniformly germinating seeds.
  • Allows germination at a wider temperature range (avg from 16 -20°C to 16 - 26°C after priming).
  • Breaks photodormancy, allowing seed to germinate in both light and dark conditions.
  • Maximizes planting efficiency.


  • Celery
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