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The seed is the starting point of the food chain, and the seed sector plays an important role in the global food supply. As a result, a broad range of seed industry topics are widely discussed.

The articles in this section are written by Incotec people and are related to seed industry topics and trends.

A microplastic-free future for seed treatments

seeds film coated with vibrantly coloured microplastic-free film coatings
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Marta Dobrowolska-Haywood, Incotec's R&D Manager

Opinion: Going microplastic free: lessons from Croda and Incotec’s seed treatment journey

The transition to microplastic-free seed coatings is a challenge for the whole seed industry. Marta Dobrowolska-Haywood talks about the approach taken by Incotec and Croda and what steps they will take next.

Carola Peters technology specialist at Incotec

Opinion: Invisible creatures that help the plant thrive

In the second blog of this series on microbes, Carola Peters tells us how microbes can provide the three main nutrients a plant needs.

Incotec's R&D Manager

Opinion: The new microplastics legislation - what does it mean for seed treatments and coatings

Marta Dobrowolska-Haywood blogs on the new restrictions of microplastics and the consequences.

Carola Peters technology specialist at Incotec

Opinion: Superpowers of microbes

In this first blog of a series about microbes and how they can benefit agriculture, Carola Peters describes some of the remarkable qualities of microbes..

Incotec's R&D Manager

Opinion : Are microplastic-free solutions here to stay?

Marta Dobrowolska discusses the expected bans on the use of microplastics in seed coatings and the impact of this on the seed industry.

microplastic-free seed coatings offer a chance to improve sustainability in agriculture

Opinion : Three ways to feed the world sustainably

How can our industry help towards achieving global food security in a sustainable way?

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