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Incotec's Marcia Werner speaks at FAO's Global Congress

At the first Global Conference on Sustainable Plant Production (2-4 November 2022, Rome), Marcia Werner, Incotec's Research and Technology Director, will speak on the role of applied seed technology.  Initiator of the conference is FAO, the United Nations' agricultural organisation. The aim is to highlight the contribution of sustainable plant production to the UN goals.

Marcia Werner discusses how applied seed technology contributes to sustainable agriculture.  Werner: "The seed enhancement industry can play an important role by providing new, sustainable seed solutions. Examples include seed coatings with integrated microorganisms as biopesticides and biofertilisers, and seed coatings that help make plants more resistant to climate stresses such as drought and higher salinity.

The presentation "Seed Technology to Upgrade Crop Sustainability" is in subsession 1.2 (Quality Seeds) of thematic session 1 (seed sytems). Session 1 is scheduled at 14:00 h (local time in Rome) and can be followed via Zoom: (register here).

The conference is a hybrid event taking place live at FAO headquarters in Rome as well as online.


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Sustainable seed solutions

We do everything in our power to improve the resilience and performance of seeds and we do it in the most sustainable way possible.

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