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Incotec India celebrates 20 years with dual event

Incotec India marked its 20th anniversary on October 20, 2023. The first event, held at the Ahmedabad facility, saw Incotec employees and two guests from Croda India in attendance.

In the evening, a tree planting event took place at the Mankol school grounds in partnership with NGO Green Leaf. The goal is to supply fruit, which will support the community through fruit sales, and provide nutrition for the children, as well as to increase greenery and promote environmental awareness.

Over 1100 native fruit-bearing trees and flowering plants were planted, with Incotec India committing to their long-term care. These celebrations highlight Incotec India's commitment to sustainability and a greener future.

Incotec India staff plant trees to celebrate 20th anniversary
Incotec employees on India facility roof with solar panels

Sustainability in Incotec's facility in India

Our facility in India has reached a milestone in its sustainability journey. Part of this achievement is the recent installation of solar panels which produce 30% more energy than the facility uses.

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