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Seedlings from primed tomato seeds

Chapter on priming by Henry Bruggink in new book on sustainable crop production

Incotec's senior research scientist Henry Bruggink contributed a chapter to the book Advances in seed science and technology for more sustainable crop production. This book, edited by Dr. Julia Buitink and Professor Olivier Leprince was recently published. In the book, Henry elaborates on his specialty: the priming of seeds. Seed quality is critical to achieving successful crop cultivation, propagation and breeding, whilst seeds are also pivotal to the conservation and management of plant genetic resources. The sector must develop a better understanding of seed quality, germination and seedling emergence to ensure successful crop establishment. 
Henry Bruggink of Incotec

Review of current research

This book provides a review of current research on key advances in seed science and technology. Subjects include seed coating, conditioning and priming techniques, as well as the growing use of biostimulant-based seed treatments throughout agriculture.
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