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Marcia Werner speaks at FAO conference

The FAO (Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN) has invited Marcia Werner, Incotec's Research and Technology Director, to present for the FAO webinar ‘No good crops without good seeds’ which is taking place on 26 April, World Seed Day.

Participants will discuss a range of topics related to seed policies and regulatory frameworks, as well as explore new technologies that are available to enhance the performance of seeds. Bringing together industry leaders and experts to discuss the latest innovations and best practices in seed technology, the event aims to discuss farmers' access to quality and safe seeds and planting materials to improve food security and nutrition. Marcia Werner, who has spoken previously at the FAO Global Congress in Rome, will speak about the role of seed film coating, seed pelleting and seed encrusting in improving seed performance and increasing yield.

Incotec's R&T Director, Marcia Werner
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