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Innovation Centre Enkhuizen

Investing in site Enkhuizen

Incotec is investing in the future with plans to further develop the site in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands.

 The developments will include renovation of the current buildings, moving the blending operations from its present location onto the site and making the entire operation more sustainable. Planned in phases, completion is expected in 2033.

The site in Enkhuizen is currently home to Incotec’s global headquarters as well as production and R&D facilities. Enkhuizen is in the heart of Seed Valley- the world’s leading centre of plant breeding and seed technology and home to dozens of innovative companies operating in the seed sector.

Innovation Centre Enkhuizen
Marion Smorenburg, Head of Communications at Incotec

Confident about the future

Marion Smorenburg, Head of Communications, “The company is doing well and we are confident about the future in Enkhuizen and in Seed Valley. We are not expanding, nor do we want to grow indefinitely. We want to concentrate our operations here and improve them. The fact that all our Dutch operations will be in one location is also a great opportunity for the company to become more sustainable.”

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