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Coming soon: new microplastic-free coatings for vegetable seeds


  • Continued focus on sustainable seed solutions 
  • New range of microplastic-free solutions for vegetable seeds

microplastic-free film coatings for vegetable seeds
At stand number 20 at the Euroseeds 2021 congress (Prague, 18-20 October), Incotec is providing information on the newest in sustainable solutions including the forthcoming range of microplastic-free film coatings for vegetable seeds.
The new products, soon to be introduced, are part of an expanding range of microplastic-free seed coatings that Incotec is offering in anticipation of restrictive legislation. The vibrantly coloured film coatings are suitable for a wide range of vegetable seeds, compatible with commonly used plant protection products and perform well on parameters such as dust-off and flowability.

Bruno Hoeltgebaum, Global Sales Manager Incotec: “Our focus continues to be on sustainable seed solutions, and we are very excited to be adding these vegetable film coatings to our range of microplastic-free products. This offers customers a more sustainable choice in quality film coatings and keeps them ahead of the restrictions expected soon in Europe.”

Incotec is also highlighting two finishing powders for improved drying and flowability of field crops seeds and the newly launched Disco Red L-3101 GeniusCoat, Incotec’s first microplastic-free corn film coating with humics and fulvics for growth promotion.
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veg seeds with microplastic-free coating

Microplastic-free seed coatings

With the use of microplastics in seed treatment expected to be banned soon in Europe, and other regions of the world likely to follow, the need for microplastic-free seed treatments has never been greater. Helping customers get ahead of a major regulatory impact, we are expanding our line of microplastic-free seed coatings. Our new-generation seed solutions include products for both vegetables and field crops. 
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