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Fluidus: The finishing touch in seed treatment

  • Official launch at Euroseeds in Prague
  • Incotec’s newest finshing powder without titanium dioxide
  • Improves drying and flowability of seed

At this year’s Euroseeds Congress (ESA), 18-20 October in Prague, Incotec introduces a new finishing powder without titanium dioxide: Fluidus F-038.

Coated sunflower seed
All Incotec’s finishing powders improve the drying and flowability of field crops seeds at the end of the seed treatment process and give coated seeds a better cosmetic appearance. Fluidus F-038 is a very good alternative for existing finishing powders. It provides good dust control and a high colour intensity, but without TiO2. Incotec will continue to offer its TiO2 containing finishing powder Powco S-032, which provides great shiny cosmetics and has all the known benefits of a quality finishing powder.

Mariska Wever, product manager Field Crops Incotec: “Inspired by a changing world, where classifications are becoming increasingly important, Fluidus F-038 is a good addition to Incotec’s portfolio and fits perfectly in Mission Zero, our sustainability strategy, where we commit to minimizing the footprint of our products and look for the most sustainable solutions to help customers achieve their goals”.

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Mission Zero - Incotec's sustainability strategy

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We always look for the most sustainable solutions to help our customers achieve their goals.
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