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Generous gesture at Christmas

Kathy Calvin, former President and CEO of the United Nations Foundation, once said: "Giving is not just making a donation, it's making a difference".  Incotec employees are making a difference this year for underprivileged children in Indonesia. Every year Incotec gives its employees the choice to receive a Christmas gift from the company or to donate an equivalent amount to charity. The Kartini Foundation is the charity of choice this year and will receive an additional 700 euros this Christmas thanks to the generous gesture of Incotec employees.

some of the children supported by the Kartini foundation
Stichting Kartini believes that education is the key to a better future and helps underprivileged children in Indonesia by giving them the means to attend school. Incotec has been supporting this charity for years. Through the foundation, Incotec is helping 6 children through school. The donations that make this possible are financed from the proceeds of Incotec's scrap iron, and thanks to the hard work of two retired Incotec employees who are dedicated to helping these children by selflessly sorting, processing and uplifting the scrap iron. 

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